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SMAC Driven Policy Making

The government is firming plans to set up departments that will govern the use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies as part of its efforts to

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Land Reform System in Karnataka

Recommended IT Driven reforms in property ownership for unleashing an accelerated economic growth (Proceedings From A Talk Given At An EGov Conference)   The Principle Of Keynesian Economics

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Compulsory Registration Order 2012

Written with Saruabh Singh and Parminder Singh Around the world information and communication technology (ICT) is enabling governments and businesses to improve productivity, quality of life, and communication.

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Impact of eHealth Centre (eHC)

In the developing world healthcare delivery is constrained by lack of appropriate infrastructure, medical personnel and electronic medical records. In India we created the eHealth Centre (eHC) as

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Policies on Cybersecurity

Co-authored with Parminder Singh The need for cybersecurity has become apparent with the increasingly important role played by Information Technology and Telecom in India’s growth and the role

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