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The Cryptic Tales Of Tesla

The flip-flop of Tesla in using Bitcoin as payment for its cars, demonstrates that cryptocurrencies are still not a replacement for regular currency. However, governments need to ensure

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The Tyranny Of Policy Fashions

Government should not be held hostage to private-sector first policy and leverage public sector entities to get into industries that are of national importance. Policies have often been

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The Digital Armours For Covid

India needs to urgently build a robust, scalable emergency response system that can crowd-source resources of all kinds from within the country and from around the world As

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The Tyranny Of The Cyber Cops

Recent action by Bengaluru cyber cell wherein they blocked the nodal account of a fintech startup, destroying the value of the startup, demonstrates the urgent need for safe-harbour

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Terrorism In Cyberistan

Cyberterrorism is now real and will grow in severity. Urgent steps need to be taken to protect ourselves and to evolve a response protocol The oft-repeated fear of

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