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Optical Fibre in the BharatNet project

Need for Deploying Better-Quality Optical Fibre in the BharatNet Project

By C-DEP Team

As India pushes ahead with its digital inclusion drive, broadband infrastructure is being rapidly expanded. Considering that the country’s digital infrastructure is built keeping in mind its long-term utilisation, it is essential that the fibre network being created by BharatNet lasts for at least 30 years to satisfy service level agreements with operators and realise its revenue potential.

Public Procurement - Preference to Make in India

Strengthening PPP-MII (Public Procurement – Preference to Make in India) Policy of 2017

By Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya

Government of India initiatives have helped Indian industry to become robust and self-reliant, but significant violations in PPP-MII policy mandating local content need to be plugged to achieve higher goals.