Symposium on Strengthening Atmanirbhar Securing Domestic Industry & Technology

Launch of report titled “Comparative Analysis of Trade Remedies used by Key Economies” by Chief Guest, General Vinod Khandare.

This report provides a comparative analysis of the usage of trade remedies globally, with a focus on anti-dumping duties used by key economies of the United States, the European Union (EU), China, Brazil, Japan, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and India. 

From left to right: Shri Satish Marathe (Director at RBI), General Vinod Khandare (Principal Advisor, Ministry of Defence), Shri Balasaheb Desai (Secretary, FINS), Shri Prabhakar Paranjpe (CEO, FINS) and Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya (President, C-DEP)

Comparative Analysis of Trade Remedies used by Key Economies

Panel: 3 Securing the Chemicals Industry

Panel: 4 Defending the Critical Minerals Industry

Panel: 5 Protecting Agriculture, Streamlining Subsidies

Panel 6: Telecom Networks – The lifeline of Bharat

Panel 7: Platformization and Aggregation of Transportation

Panel 8: Protecting Bharat’s Technology Landscape

Closing Remarks by Dr. Nitin Kulkarni