Large Traffic Generators Unleashing Kalidasa Effect on Telecom Networks: What is the Way Out?

Just like the great author Kalidasa, before he attained wisdom, had cut the same branch on which he was sitting, we find that LTGs are cutting the telecom companies, over which they operate.

Foreign Apps Generating Large Data Volume Should Pay for Telecom Network: C-DEP President

Telecom operators and internet-based apps have been at loggerheads over the issue of revenue sharing. Telecom operators have been demanding that over-the-top (OTT) players that generate huge volumes of data should pay a fee to them for building networks like it is done to build expressways for smooth and fast rides.

Allowing Autos To Carry Both Passenger and Cargo Can Benefit Drivers and The Gig Economy

An experimental permission of dual usage – allowing transportation of passengers and freight – can pave the way for the future, helping urban mobility and augmenting incomes of auto drivers.

Carbon Neutral, Climate Friendly ‘Jute’ is Proof That Climate Change is Real

When the fragile balance between agriculture, economics, human behaviour and policy making is disrupted, a series of ripple effects get catalysed. These ripple effects have detrimental impact on the vulnerable sections of society.

Indian Building Bylaws Need To Change For Better Network Connectivity Indoors

India’s building laws do not mandate telecom infrastructure as an essential ingredient before a building can be declared habitable, thereby leading to poor services indoors.

Why Securing Ferro Molybdenum, Other Critical Minerals is Critical for India’s Industrial Growth

Critical minerals and products such as Ferro Molybdenum made from them are extremely critical for India since they have wide applications in military hardware. India must therefore address issues related to critical minerals so that India’s supply chains are not compromised.

Why Sugar Industry Violations Are Very Bitter for Jute Farmers

Though considered a golden fibre, jute in recent months has lost much of its lustre with jute mills massively cutting down on production. It has meant that growers of jute are saddled with produce that millers are refusing to buy, pushing them into penury.

Telcos, OTTs Lock Horns Over Who Shall Bear The Burden Of Carrying Data

In responses to a consultation paper floated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of IndiaI, telcos have forcefully argued for high intensity OTTs to bear a part of the network costs based on the traffic they consume.

C-DEP Newsletter Oct’23 Issue

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Solving the Telecom Conundrum: Revenue Sharing for Equitable Networks

Navigating the challenges in India’s telecom sector requires a collaborative approach between telecom service providers and large traffic applications. Engaging in constructive dialogue and frameworks can help bolster network capacities and improve service quality, thereby contributing to the growth of the digital economy.