To make India atmanirbhar, strengthen anti-dumping laws

Vicious dumping by foreign players can kill Indian industries at an extremely fast pace, and once dead, it is difficult to revive such industries and recreate the jobs that are lost.

Poised to Ride Digital Revolution, India Needs to Secure Its Digital Supply Chains

By Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya

There is an urgent need to create a level playing field for domestic players through fostering fair competition and using trade remedies with lightening speed.

To make India atmanirbhar, strengthen anti-dumping laws

By Ruben Banerjee

Strong anti-dumping duties will compensate Indian industry for the injuries it suffers, secure supply chains, and generate jobs, in the face of continuing dumping of products by foreign countries.

Protecting Atmanirbhar – Report on challenges in protecting domestic industries

By C-DEP Team

The purpose of this report is to compile the challenges being faced by Indian industries that are competitive, but are facing injuries from foreign companies that are misusing their overcapacities to sell products in India at costs lower than what it costs in their respective domestic markets.