Strengthening Atmanirbhar: Securing Domestic Industry & Technology

Concept Note

COVID-19 was a harsh wake–up call for India to ensure supply chain resilience of its economy. The government’s clarion call on Atmanirbhar Policy has set India in the path of strengthening its supply–chain resilience while accelerating growth and job creation
In this context, the Forum for Integrated National Security ( and the Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research (C– are hosting a symposium on ‘Strengthening Atmanirbhar: Securing Domestic Industry and Technology’. The symposium is aimed at facilitating dialogue on specific regulatory, policy and trade remedial actions that need to be deliberated upon in order to hasten India’s journey towards strengthening Atmanirbhar and becoming Viksit within the timelines set by the Government. The rapid advancement of technology, coupled with heightened geo–economic issues and unfair global trade practices necessitates a relook at India’s policies and processes on trade remedies and supply chain resilience.
Forum for Integrated National Security ( is a Think Tank, led by General Shekatkar, that analyses and evolves policies and solutions on National Security with a three–pronged approach of Initiate – Interact – Influence by engaging all stakeholders related with integrated national security.
Entre for Digital Economy Policy Research (C– is an independent think tank focused on the growth of India’s domestic industries, trade remedies and digital transformation.