Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya Insights on Interim Budget 2024: Shift to Middle-Class Values | NewsX

By Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya

Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya shares insightful views on NewsX TV regarding the interim budget for 2024. Explore the significant shift towards a middle-class values system, reflecting the evolving aspirations of the nation. Jaijit discusses the focus on improving education, healthcare, and social safety nets, providing a comprehensive analysis of how these changes signal a positive shift in the country’s mindset. Join the conversation on the path to becoming a developed nation and the crucial role infrastructure development plays in shaping our future. Joining the conversation are esteemed guests Prof. Madhav Nalapat – Vice Chairman, Manipal Advanced Research Group, Priya Sehgal – Editorial Director, NewsX and the anchor, Rishabh Gulati – Editor in Chief at NewsX.