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Center For Digital Economy Policy Research

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Feb 12, 2021

The challenge of information asymmetry has led to a system where crucial welfare services do not reach the intended beneficiaries at the last mile. In parallel, welfare service delivery suffer due to complexities in the application and processing stages as well as leakages of limited government funding.

The resultant challenges impedes the scale of access and reach of government welfare services towards intended beneficiaries.

This webinar, organised by the Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research,  discusses the mechanisms for optimising welfare delivery for citizens.



Oct 09, 2020

India wants to increase its digital economy from USD 200 billion now to USD 1 trillion by 2023.

To achieve this goal, India requires further acceleration in developing its digital economy and in attracting more investments into the sector.

The next Digital Economy Thought Leader’s Forum of will discuss the issues related to EoDB in Digital sector and ways to attract more investments in this sector and to improve Make in India in digital.

The expert panelists who will be joining us from this sector are:
Shri Vinit Goenka, Governing Council Member CRIS & Former National Co-Convenor, ITCell, BJP;
Shri Sanjay Srivastava, Former CEO & Board Director, Mahindra World City;
Shri Amit Shukla, Founder & MD, EasyGov – A Jio Platform Company

Digital Economy Thought LEaders Forum

C-DEP organised a webinar with experts in the private sector and government to discuss the expertise and lessons that the private sector could provide to government in consolidating digital channels to provide better civic services, gain trust and deliver integrated responses across the spectrum of public policy.

September 25, 2020

India - Australia Cybersecurity Cooperation

President, C-DEP was invited as a Co-Panelist for the session – ‘Trusted Partners and Technology in 21st Century: Cyber Security’ – and spoke with Tanya Spisbah, Director at Australia India Institute, Delhi on aspects of cooperation in context of deteriorating geopolitical space, arising especially due to conflicts emanating from China and issues related to 5G.

June 24, 2020

The New Normal For Taxation on Online Transactions

Understanding Equalization Levy on e-Commerce in India

C-DEP, in collaboration with Grant Thornton and Fifth Chrome Technologies, organized a web tutorial for heads of industry on understanding the impact of the 2% Equalization Levy (2020 Levy) passed under the Finance Act of 2020. The session was targeted for taxation professionals and for public policy professionals to help them understand the extent to which the proposed Digital Tax will impact their organizations with regards to;

  • If their organization is liable to pay a digital tax;
  • What are the nuances of the Digital Tax;
  • Are there entities that would be exempt from paying a digital tax?

May 25, 2020



President. C-DEP, was invited to speak on India’s independence and sovereignty with technology.

The following aspects were covered:

  • Technological Sovereignty
  • Predatory Apps
  • CivicTech needs of India
  • One Nation, One Data Source
  • Infringing and Monopoly of Intellectual Property by e-Commerce heavyweights
  • Prevalence of monopolistic behavior by Online Gaming Industry

May 5, 2020


President, C-DEP, conducted a session on how to manage businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, with regards to;

  • The pandemic’s impact on sales of manufactured goods and services;
  • Managing Employee, Supply Chain, Financial and Market Cap stress;
  • Contracts and invoking Force Majeure clause;
  • Opportunities for new business models;

Apr 5, 2020

C-DEP is an independent think tank with the objective of bringing together the finest brains in Academia and Industry to help governments adopt appropriate policies that will accelerate India towards becoming a global industry hub.