This report by C-DEP focuses on the challenges faced by Indian industries that are competitive, but are facing injuries from foreign companies that are misusing their overcapacities to sell products in India at costs lower than what it costs in their respective domestic markets.

C-DEP in Andhra Pradesh Government Group on Upskilling School Education

Group to suggest measures to prepare students of government schools for high-end jobs in futuristic technologies.

How to Make India World's Capital in Optical Fibre Manufacturing

C-DEP report highlights measures that need to be urgently taken to make India – which already has the capacity far greater than the domestic demand – the world capital in optical fibre.

The present paper seeks to study the scope of amplifying the income potential of the three wheeler auto-rickshaw drivers through adoption of dual licensing permits… Continue reading Enhancing Income Potential of Three Wheeler Auto-rickshaw Drivers: Case for Dual Licensing Policy

Technology Policy Regime in India

Digital technology has changed the way we live. Today, we are able to work remotely, shop online and digitally access government services. Technology has also… Continue reading Technology Policy Regime in India