About Us

The Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research (C-DEP.org) is an independent think tank that analyses public policy issues of the Digital Economy and undertakes research on key aspects. C-DEP aims to accelerate India’s transition into a digital economy. It focuses on promoting a level playing field for e-commerce and trade, technology-enabled manufacturing and services, next-generation digital services, digital infrastructure and data governance.

The guiding goal of the organisation is to advocate policies that are fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory, and enabling. C-DEP provides support to diverse stakeholders, across governments, business communities, academia and civil society, in response to relevant and pressing policy matters relating to digital economy. With this approach, C-DEP seeks to ensure that policy responses are well-researched, inclusive and effective.

C-DEP’s objective is to bring together the finest brains in academia and industry to craft policy viewpoints on areas concerning India’s digital economy and contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of India. It collaborates with thought leaders, both in India and abroad, for supporting and sensitising the Government of India and state governments in their various initiatives to make India a global digital industry hub.