Optical Fibre in the BharatNet project

As India pushes ahead with its digital inclusion drive, broadband infrastructure is being rapidly expanded. Considering that the country’s digital infrastructure is built keeping in mind its long-term utilisation, it is essential that the fibre network being created by BharatNet lasts for at least 30 years to satisfy service level agreements with operators and realise its revenue potential. In order to ensure the long-term success of BharatNet, it is important to adopt better-quality fibre that is less prone to failures, has lower optical power loss, and can be used to extend the reach of the network.

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Public Procurement - Preference to Make in India

The government’s consistent supportive policies have driven the Indian industry to become increasingly robust, self-reliant and globally competitive. In particular, Government of India’s initiatives such as the Public Procurement Preference – Make in India Policy (PPP-MII) of 2017 (PPP-MII), have been very effective. However, several challenges imperil the Indian industry. As this C-DEP representation underlines, there have been significant violations of the PPP-MII policy that makes the use of 50% local content mandatory in projects. The violations are resulting in continued import of foreign products, endangering local industry and also compromising the quality of projects.

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