After SVB, Now Signature Collapse | What’s The U.S Banking Turmoil Impact? | NewsX

By C-DEP Team

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and now Signature bank collapses. Its impact on the US banking industry, startups, and funding globally. Short sellers had warned of potential trouble since January, but the US government’s delay in action led to widespread panic. We examine the aftermath of these events and discuss the possibility of a recession being triggered. We also explore the critical role that government intervention plays in preventing further collapses and mitigating their effects on the economy. Join us as we discuss the implications of this latest banking turmoil and what it means for the future. Panel of experts including Jaijit Bhattacharya President – C-DEP (@jaijit), Sharad Kohli – Sr. Economist, Akash Jindal – Sr. Economist and anchor Uday Pratap Singh.