Cyber Security Infrastructure in India: A Study

Cybersecurity Infrastructure in India

By C-DEP Team

Need for cyber security infrastructure to protect the evolving ICT infrastructure in modern information society does not need any emphasis. When infrastructures are interconnected, new vulnerabilities might arise from the common links, failures might propagate through the different systems, intrusion and disruption in one infrastructure might provoke unexpected threats to others.

ICT infrastructure is the thread through which all critical national infrastructures are woven together. Existence of a trustworthy cyber security infrastructure is a precondition for all E-governance and E- commerce initiatives being taken world over. Cyber security is attracting enormous attention from several international governing and security bodies, including the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

At the regional and international level, cooperation and coordination amongst countries appears essential using an information infrastructure protection would entail a national strategy and creation of legal frameworks to curb cybercrime. Infrastructure development using private investment is being pursued in many developing countries including India.

Attempt is being made in this paper to present a snapshot of this infrastructure, likely trends and imperatives that emerge from this study in Indian context.

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