Roundtable to be held on Asset Monetisation for Accelerating India’s Growth

Roundtable Discussion on ‘Asset Monetisation/Asset Recycling to Accelerate India’s Growth'

By C-DEP Team

New Delhi: The Centre for Digital Economic Policy Research (C-DEP) will be hosting a roundtable discussion on ‘Asset Monetisation to Accelerate India’s Growth’ at IIT, Delhi, on August 21.

The roundtable will bring together senior government officials from various ministries, private sector participants, academics, and other key stakeholders with significant interest in the management of asset monetisation initiatives.

Some of the participating ministries at the roundtable include the Ministry of Railways, Department of Telecommunications, National Highway Authority of India, Ministry of Forest, Ministry of Coal, NITI Aayog, Ministry of Shipping and Ports, among others.

Besides comprehensively discussing the merits of asset monetisation, one of the objectives of the roundtable is to explore how digital tools and services can be invaluable in monetising assets by enabling efficient data management and analysis.

Digital tools, it is said, can help governments make informed decisions based on accurate information, facilitate asset valuation and optimisation, streamline administrative tasks, and increase efficiency in transaction processes.

C-DEP will also be releasing a draft report titled ‘Leveraging Digitalisation for Enhanced Returns on Asset Monetisation’ at the event for consideration of the participants.

The draft report highlights some of the different digital tools and solutions that are available to asset owners to help them effectively monetise their assets.

The roundtable is being held at a time when the need for Asset Monetisation /Asset Recycling has become significant for any country’s growth. It is significant as well for India since unlocking funds through such initiatives can spur growth, resulting in both economic and social advancements. Asset monetisation is considered a viable option for any government that faces challenges in securing adequate funds for both building new infrastructure and scaling up infrastructure that already exists.

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