India Growth Dialogues: Economic Strategies for Accelerating Growth – Inaugural Podcast with Anirudh Tewari

India Growth Dialogues: Economic Strategies for Accelerating National Growth with Anirudh Tewari

By C-DEP Team

We are delighted to inform that the inaugural podcast of our new series – India Growth Dialogues – is set to go live on October 2nd at 4 pm.

Mr. Anirudh Tewari, the former chief secretary of Punjab and an expert in governance, strategic leadership, public policy, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and public finance, will feature in the podcast.

Mr. Tewari will be sharing his thoughts on Economic Strategies for Accelerating India’s Growth by focusing on potential changes in the focus of Finance Commission.

He will be in conversation with Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, President of C- DEP..

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